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Carfax offers a range of Training courses for teachers, school principals, and school leaders.


Courses run every Saturday in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. 

To register, please call +971 4 438 5276 or email training[at]carfax-projects.com

The cost is AED 300 per person per course.

10% discount is available for a booking of 5 and more, and 15% discount for a booking of 10 and more people.

Using the MoE Framework to Prepare for Your School


27 Oct 2018

Curriculum Enrichment and Modification

3 Nov 2018

Lesson Planning Foundations for Successful Teaching and


10 Nov 2018

Introducing Inclusion to Your School

24 Nov 2018

Developing Your Self-Evaluation Framework

8 Dec 2018

Developing Your School Improvement Plan

19 Jan 2019

Inclusion Practice in the Classroom

26 Jan 2019

Summative and Formative Assessment

2 Feb 2019

Effective Use of Data in the Classroom

9 Feb 2019

Integrating Innovation into School Life and Lessons

16 Feb 2019

Effective Questioning 

and Promoting HOTS 

in the Classroom

23 Feb 2019

Delivering Effective Differentiated Instruction

2 Mar 2019

Behavior Management in the Classroom

9 Mar 2019

Leadership: Lead, Empower, and Develop Your Teachers

16 Mar 2019

If you'd like any of these trainings (or others) delivered at a different time directly at your school, please let us know.